Mountaineer Safe Ride/Walk

The Appalachian Police Department operates a campus escort service, Mountaineer Safe Walk/Ride to provide a safety escort service for students during the evening hours who may feel uncomfortable walking alone after dark.

Students who need a safety escort to or from any campus owned building or parking lot can call 828-262-7433 seven days per week, excluding university holidays and both summer sessions.

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Crime Alerts

The Appalachian Police Department posts Crime Alerts on campus when serious incidents occur. The Crime Alerts inform the Appalachian community as to the nature of the crime and description of suspects. Alerts also provide instructions on how to prevent or report crime.

Victims' Assistance Program

The Appalachian Police Department, Health Services, Student Development, Counseling and Psychological Services Center and other offices offer assistance to victims of crime on the basis of their specific needs and requests for information. Professional counselors are not required to notify the police of crimes reported to them except where required by law.

The Appalachian Police Department is also responsible for ensuring that crime victims who meet the criteria outlined in Article 45A of N.C., General Statute Chapter 15A, are properly notified of the following:

  • Availability of medical services
  • Crime victims’ compensation funds
  • Address and telephone number of the district attorney’s office
  • Name and telephone number of the investigating officer
  • Information about the accused’s opportunity for pretrial release (after being arrested)
  • Name and telephone number of the officer whom the victim may contact to find out whether the accused has been released from custody
  • The arrest of the perpetrator (within 72 hours of arrest)
NC Sexual Offender and Public Protection Registry

NC law requires that sex offenders register with the Sheriff of the county in which they live, if they are NC residents. The law also requires non-resident students or non-resident workers to register with the Sheriff of the county in which they work or attend school. The NC Registry of Sex Offenders may be viewed at the Watauga County Sheriff's Office or you may access it directly on-line at

Medical Transports

The Appalachian Police Department will provide on-campus transportation to injured or sick students to the Health Services Infirmary (Miles Annas Building) for non-emergencies. We will provide transportation for employees with Workers' Compensation injuries and illnesses to and from Boone Urgent Care. If Boone Urgent Care is closed, we will transport to the Watauga County Medical Center Emergency Room and back to campus. We do not provide transportation for scheduled doctor appointments.

If students or employees require transportation for an emergency injury or illness, they should call 9-911 if using a campus landline phone. The Watauga County Medics and/or ambulance service will handle the transport to the Watauga County Medical Center Emergency Room.

For on-campus non-emergencies call 262-2150

For on-campus medical emergencies call 9-911

Vehicle Assistance

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, Appalachian Police can either assist you directly or call a locksmith. Appalachian Police will not attempt to unlock any vehicle with side airbags. If you think you have a dead battery, the Parking and Traffic Department can assist you at 262-2878.

Bike Registration

The Appalachian Police Department offers a bicycle registration program for all Appalachian students, faculty and staff. All riders are encouraged to register their bicycles as a deterrent to crime and to promote safety. There is NO CHARGE for this service. All registration information is stored electronically for future reference. You may register your bicycle online by clicking on this link: Online Bicycle Registration. You may also contact any of our bicycle officers for a registration form or stop by the Appalachian Police Department.

Lost and Found

The Appalachian Police Department is a place for individuals to turn in or claim lost and found items. Please contact us if you need assistance with any lost and found article.


The Appalachian Police Department has investigators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a victim of a crime on campus, immediately call the Appalachian Police Department so the incident can be investigated and a report filed. If a crime is not reported right away, valuable evidence can be destroyed or lost. Call 8000 from any campus landline phone, 828-262-8000 from any other phone or come by our offices in the Rivers Street Parking Deck.

Ride-Along Program

Our Ride-Along program offers the opportunity for students to learn about the day-to-day operations of the Appalachian Police Department. Participants are allowed to ride along with an officer as they answer police calls on campus. A signed agreement by the participant for confidentiality and liability purposes must be completed, as well as prior written approval from the Patrol Commander. Please contact our office to request further information.


Internship positions are available at the Appalachian Police Department for qualified students in criminal justice. During the semester, students will have the opportunity to work with all areas of our department while earning academic credit hours. Interns experience the role of a police officer first-hand, and are also introduced to various layers of law enforcement practice, administration, and training. Contact our patrol commander for more information about the Internship program. Please note that internships are not the same as participation in the Appalachian Police Officer Development Program (APDP), a separate program designed to train students to become sworn, police officers in North Carolina. Learn more about the APDP

Work-Study Students

The Appalachian Police Department welcomes the opportunity to have work-study students work in our reception area to welcome visitors and answer questions and to help with office projects, while offering the flexibility to schedule hours around student class schedules. Students must sign a confidentiality agreement and will be supervised by a support services manager. Please contact the Office of Student Employment for more information.