About the Appalachian Police Department

The Appalachian Police Department (APD) supports the university's academic mission by working in partnership with the campus community to prevent crime, solve problems and improve the quality of life on campus. The department's philosophy is one of proactive community engagement, collaboration and customer service, holding the safety and health of Appalachian's community members as its top priorities. State-certified police officers, security officers and civilian employees comprise the department, and this team of professionals helps to create and maintain an inclusive sense of belonging for all members of the Appalachian Community — students, faculty, staff and visitors. Additionally, through its efforts, the department aims to be a leader in innovative public safety ideas and strategies.

Appalachian Police Development Program

The two-year Appalachian Police Officer Development Program (APDP) at Appalachian State University — the second of its kind in the nation and the only such program in North Carolina — equips students with the knowledge, skills and training to become certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina, while simultaneously earning their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Students become cadets in their first year of the program and have the opportunity to complete the Appalachian State University Police Academy during their second year to become sworn North Carolina police officers. The program is open to all full-time students, regardless of major, and students receive an hourly wage for the part-time work and training they complete with the Appalachian Police Department (APD). Learn more

Appalachian Police Academy

The Appalachian Police Academy, also known as "the academy," is an annual, 16-week training program held each year on Appalachian's campus in which participants in the Appalachian Police Officer Development Program (APDP) have the opportunity to earn their credentials as certified North Carolina police officers. The academy covers all state-mandated training topics, and exceeds the 640 hours of training required for successful completion of the BLET curriculum. APDP participants attend the academy full time between the first and second year of the program and are paid for their time in training. After graduating from the academy, they may begin working with the Appalachian Police Department as sworn part-time police officers for the second year of the program while they earn their degrees at Appalachian. Learn more