In Case of Police Emergency or to Report a Crime Call (828) 262-8000

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Active Aggressor Response Training

In light of the recent increase in mass shootings across the country, Appalachian Police Department is offering training to departments and groups on how to respond to an "active aggressor" in the workplace or on campus. This training is approximately 60 - 90 minutes with response techniques and Q&A. This training will help you get in the right mindset if you are ever confronted with an active aggressor.

If you have a class, club or organization that would like to schedule this presentation, please contact Capt. K.C. Mitchell at (828) 262-6176 or via email at

Location of Appalachian Police Department (APD)

The Appalachian Police Department is located in the Rivers Street Parking Deck. To see this building's location on campus, click on the graphic within the "Find Us on Campus" box in the left sidebar.

Our Mission

The Appalachian Police Department, in partnership with other university offices, strives to provide a safe environment conducive to the success of the university’s academic mission. 

Crime/Safety Alerts

There are no active crime/safety alerts.

Appalachian Police Officer Development Program (APDP)

The Appalachian Police Officer Development Program (APDP), the only program of its kind in North Carolina, is a two-year program designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and training to become law enforcement officers, all while they are completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees at Appalachian State University.

Deadline for applications for the 2020-2021 academic year is March 31st 2020.

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