The above photos are of recent graffiti on our campus.   If anyone has any information regarding this or any other crimes, he or she is encouraged to call the ASU Police Department at 262-2150, or you may also report crimes anonymously here.

Appalachian State University offers the tunnels on Rivers Street to anyone that wishes to spray paint or draw in a public place. The painting and drawing must be kept inside the tunnels and is not allowed on the walls outside the tunnels, handrails, etc.  

North Carolina General Statutes refers to this type of graffiti as an act of criminal activity.

Defacing Public Building and Injury to Real Property: Any person willfully and wantonly damages, injures or destroys the real property of another.   Anyone who writes on, marks, defaces, the walls of any public building or facility in a public place is guilty of a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

Notification to the campus of a serious crime is required by federal law.