Message to the Student Community

Dear Members of the Appalachian Student Community:

There have been some discussions recently about how University Police respond to incidents concerning free speech and conflicts among students on campus.

Your University Police understand, respect and encourage students to exercise their right to freedom of speech/expression in a peaceful and respectful manner. University Police will only be involved when an incident involves violation of university policy, state or federal law, or a threat of injury to individuals or damage to property. Our purpose during circumstances such as these is to maintain peace among the groups or individuals, and to encourage respectful dialogue. Our presence there is not to agree or disagree with either party involved. In an effort to maintain a safe living, working and learning environment, we may ask the groups or individuals to separate in order to keep the peace, but this is not and will not be an effort to silence anyone’s thoughts or ideas.

University Police will always support your right to freedom of speech/expression when peaceful, respectful and lawful dialogue is displayed. We request all persons involved maintain respectful dialogue, respect others’ opinions and most of all respect one another, which is the true Appalachian way.

Your University Police believe we, as members of the Appalachian Community, have too many similarities to let differences divide us. We are here to help. 


Todd Corley

Interim Chief, University Police